Projects and publications

In this section we publish materials related to various exhibitions, performances and other artistic and activist statements made during the educational process. From the very beginning of its activity SOEA publishes the Bulletin of the School – a newspaper, which is jointly implemented by the teachers and pupils of the School.

Also here you can find publications about the School, both initiated by the school itself and about the school.


Some key articles:

2018 – from the book “The Politics of Affinity. Experiments in Art, Education and the Social Sphere” | Edited by Silvia Franceschini, published by Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, 2018
dialogue with Chto Delat

2017Organizing New Forms of Collectivity. A conversation on School of Engaged Art / Chto Delat and Martina Angelotti

– From the book: Learning in the Age of Digital Reason

Equal in inequality: true art knows how to wait by Dmitry Vilensky, Ana Kuzmanić, Petar Jandrić

2016 – “Alternative Institutions and Intimate Counter-Publics: Chto Delat’s School for Engaged Art and Rosa’s House of Culture” by Jonathan Brooks Platt see here

– „Schooling at Home and Abroad: Chto Delat’s School of Engaged Art, or Winter Notes on Summer Impressions” Art Margins Online Blog by Matthias Meindl

2015 – from the book School: A recent History of Self-organized Art Education
A counter-public sphere | Discussion Sam Thorne – Dmitry Vilensky

Fables of our city | Semester works | June 2018

Fables of our city Semester review of the works of the School of Engaged Art (June 15 – 16, 2018)   All the viewing works were united by one theme – this is the theme of a “fable” – a certain type of story with a final evaluation / moralizing conclusion. We (tutors) of the
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Akimova-Oleynikov – School Heroes

Akimova-Oleynikov – School Heroes | Графический проект | 2016 Этот графический проект реализован Соней Акимовой (выпускницей Школы 2014 года) и тьютором Николаем Олейниковым для книжки “Зачем становиться художником” в 2016 году и представляет невероятную комбинацию любимых героев, которыми вдохновляется Школа в своей учебной программе.  
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Mobile platforms for communication between Russian and Ukrainian cultural workers 2014

Between a rock and a hard place | Bulletin #2 of the School of engaged Art | June 2014 Meetings: 1. 30.06.2014-02.07.2014, Saint Petersburg “How Can One be an Artist at front line?” A meeting of the educational initiatives: “The ‘Chto Delat’ School of Engaged Art” and the Course of Contemporary Art at the Kiev
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The School of Rosa – exhibition and learning play | School Bulletin #1 | 2014 in russian

«Школы Розы» Выставка работ участников ШВИ состоялась в ЦТИ «Фабрика» в рамках персонального проекта группы “Что делать” “Невроссия”. Этот проект стал результатом первого семестра обучения в Школе, главной темой которого был анализ различных форм репрезентации насилия в искусстве и о проблематики насилия самого образовательного процесса. «Школа Розы» также стала мастерской по подготовке учебной пьесы «Быстрее!
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