Here we publish materials about different temporary projects realized by the faculty of the School of Engaged Art and collective Chto Delat based on open call for participation – practices at different contexts and locations. Mostly there were learning plays, summer schools and educational seminars.

The summer school – “Go and Stop Progress!” | Vierte Welt, Berlin | August 2018

The open lesson “The tools for conviviality” Chto Delat Summer School, Berlin 2018   Participants: Sonya Akimova, Tanya Bogacheva, Elena Chemerska, Oliver Connew, Therese Friedemann, Yana Gaponenko, Darya Lupenko, Patricia Manos, Marija Nemcenko, Dora Nunes, Danica Selem, Slavica Toshevska, Nathaniel Whitfield, and Zorica Zafirovska. The summer school – “Go and Stop Progress!” – based on
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Soviet Houses of Culture | Participatory Research project | Garage Museum, 2017

The research by the group Chto Delat (f. 2003, St. Petersburg) traces the genealogy of Soviet Houses of Culture. realized with generous support of Garage Museum, Moscow Еxploring them as spaces where different emancipatory encounters with art and culture happened, the project aslo involves investigating how these experiences can be translated into current day
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A film by Chto Delat | It hasn’t happened with us yet. Safe Haven | 2016

  A film by the collective Chto Delat (web version based on the 2 channel video installation) Realized by Tsaplya Olga Egorova, Dmitry Vilensky, Nina Gasteva and Nikolai Oleinikov. The collective responsible for the film further includes: Аnna Тereshkina, Маria Russkikh, Inna Krasnoper, Аrtyom Terentyev and Los. Camera operator: Аrtyom Ignatov. Directed by Tsaplya Olga
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The Summer School of Engaged Art | What is socialist art? Berlin 2015

Since 2013, the Russian Collective Chto Delat ( has conceptualized and implemented an experimental educational platform – the School for Engaged Art in St. Petersburg, supported by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Moscow). The project has gained serious recognition in the Russian public sphere and among young professionals who use the school as a tool of political
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First of May Demonstration – the Column of Cultural Workers

First of May Demonstration – the Column of Cultural Workers (2014-) Начиная с 2014 года Школа Вовлеченного Искусства приглашает всех работников культуры в первомайскую колонну. Нам кажется это важным ритуалом и местом в котором важно заявить о своем существовании, о своих трудовых правах вместе с другими участниками демонстрации – колонна творческих работников традиционно идет в
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A film By Chto Delat | The Excluded In a Moment of Danger | 2014

A film By Chto Delat | The Excluded In a Moment of Danger | 2014     In this video installation we are looking for a new language, adequate at least in part to the new situation in politics (and life in general), in which we suddenly find ourselves. When we began to work on
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